vattenmätningssystemen framsida

The most advanced water metering systems on the market

We provide the most advanced water metering systems on the market and the best expertise in the industry. Our remote reading systems developed for water metering speed up water billing and make it easier for customers to monitor their consumption. Explore our residential water metering systems and remotely readable water meters for water utilities and cooperatives from the links below.

B Meters Nordic AB – Over 50 years leading the way in water and energy metering

B Meters Nordic AB is Sweden’s leading company that specialises in water metering, remote reading systems and related services.

Our extensive experience and expertise in the use of diverse Internet of Things (IoT) systems, combined with our decades of experience as a supplier of water and energy meters, means we can always identify the best technical solution quickly and reliably.

The combination of our easy-to-use web-based cloud service and our remote reading facility enable the simplified and secure automated reporting of consumption data and any cost allocation. The service is ideal for multi-occupancy properties, associations and waterworks, as well as other types of properties and external operators.

Our services, which have been developed to meet Swedish needs, make monitoring consumption and invoicing extremely simple and reliable. Our mobile app enables residents to track their consumption and so encourages them to reduce their energy costs and those of the property. We also want our solutions to contribute to the higher goal of protecting our environment and so preserving the conditions for a better future.