Multi-jet impulse water meter with a dry dial for measuring larger volumes of water.
For cold and hot water.

  • DN20–DN50
  • DN50 also as a flanged version

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions

Cold water meters max +30 °C

SizeInchPulseLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3Product code
DN203/4"10 ltr/p.1904 m³GMDMR-20KV-10
DN203/4"100 ltr/p.1904 m³GMDMR-20KV-100
DN251"10 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-25KV-10
DN251"100 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-25KV-100
DN321 1/4"10 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-32KV-10
DN321 1/4"100 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-32KV-100
DN401 1/2"10 ltr/p.30016 m³GMDMR-40KV-10
DN401 1/2"100 ltr/p.30016 m³GMDMR-40KV-100
DN502"10 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50KV-10
DN502"100 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50KV-100
DN50 with flange2"10 ltr/p.270/30025 m³GMDMR-50KVF-270-10
DN50 with flange2"100 ltr/p.270/30025 m³GMDMR-50KVF-270-100

Hot water meters max +90 °C

SizeInchPulseLenght L (mm)FlödeProduct code
DN203/4"10 ltr/p.1904 m³GMDMR-20VV-10
DN203/4"100 ltr/p.1904 m³GMDMR-20VV-100
DN251"10 ltr/p.19010 m³GMDMR-25VV-10
DN251"100 ltr/p.19010 m³GMDMR-25VV-100
DN321 1/4"10 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-32VV-10
DN321 1/4"100 ltr/p.26010 m³GMDMR-32VV-100
DN401 1/2"10 ltr/p.26016 m³GMDMR-40VV-10
DN401 1/2"100 ltr/p.26016 m³GMDMR-40VV-100
DN502"10 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50VV-10
DN502"100 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50VV-100
DN50 with flange2"10 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50VVF-300-10
DN50 with flange2"100 ltr/p.30025 m³GMDMR-50VVF-300-100


SizeInchInchProduct code
DN203/4" x 1"connectorRAC20
DN251" x 1 1/4"connectorRAC25
DN321 1/4" x 1 1/2"connectorRAC32
DN401 1/2" x 2"connectorRAC40
DN502" x 2 1/2"connectorRAC50