LoRa water meter for the national IoT network. Can be read from the HYDRONET service for water utilities or from a third-party server, for example. Digital display. Inductive flow structure.

Water meter types:

  • Inductive flow
  • Cold water 0-30 °C (also available for hot water)
  • Sizes: DN20

Measurement accuracy: MID R250

Battery life: 16 years

Operating environment:

  • Operating temperature 1–55 °C
  • Humidity 0–100% (IP68)

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions

SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3Product code
DN151/2"cold water1102,5 m³HDLR-15-KV
DN151/2"warm water1102,5 m³HDLR-15-VV
DN203/4"cold water1304 m³HDLR-20-KV
DN203/4"warm water1304 m³HDLR-20-VV
DN203/4"cold water1904 m³HDLR-20KV-190