The WAD-4 home display is compatible with the HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet water metering systems. The WAD-4 wireless home display helps make water use smarter by providing real-time data on water consumption. The display makes it easier to make informed choices and change habits towards more sustainable consumption, saving money and conserving the environment.

Wireless Home Display (WAD-4)

Compatible with HYDRODIGIT-TX water meters and available for HYDROLINK Wireless and HYDROLINK Tablet systems as an optional extra. The home display makes it easy for residents to track their water consumption.
LVI number 4482 624

A home display is not necessary when the resident can monitor their consumption from the reading window in the meter.


  • Cumulative readings
  • How much water is used at the moment
  • Previous water consumption
  • Also shows whether consumption is higher or lower than the average household of the same size
  • Can be mounted on a wall or standing on a surface
  • Takes its power from a wall outlet
  • The home display listens to messages transmitted by wireless water meters (GSD-TX, GMDM-TX) from 6 am to 10 pm every 30 seconds (in the most advanced meters, data is transmitted every 30 seconds 24 hours a day)

WAD-4 Home Display features:

  • You can set goals for your water consumption on the home display. The colour of the fish on the display indicates how well you have succeeded in the goal. Green fish and clownfish are signs of success! Red fish mean that your water consumption is still too high.
  • The alarm signal indicates a water leak or unusually high consumption.
  • A leaking faucet indicates that water is currently running. Are you pouring a bath or did you leave the faucet on by accident?
  • With the reset counter, you can easily measure the consumption of a single shower, for example.

DimensionsEnergy consumptionPower supplyFrequencyInformation storageIP-classTemperatureMax. number of meters
n. 145 x 75 x 35 mm with background light< 1,0 W230VAC/50Hz868 MHz2 months's data and 15 minutes accuracyIP 200–+40 °C4 pieces