THE HYDROCAL heat meter is an energy meter for measuring the consumption of heating and cooling energy. The LCD display, which rotates 360 degrees, can be used to read both consumption readings as well as flow and temperature values, for example.

In addition, the meters come standard with M-BUS signal output, which means that they can also be installed to any M-BUS system if necessary.

  • DN15–DN20
  • CE/MID type-approved
  • Battery operated (lithium battery, battery life at least 10 years)
  • Wireless M-BUS as an optional extra
  • Can also be mounted onto a vertical pipe

SizeInchModelLenght L (mm)Nominellt flöde QpProduct codeRSK nummer
DN153/4"HC-015-0,61100,6 m³HC-015-0,6-V514 61 52
DN153/4"HC-015-1,51101,5 m³HC-015-1,5-V514 61 53
DN201"HC-020-2,51302,5 m³HC-020-2,5-V514 61 54