Woltmann type water meter. Can be equipped with a remote reading module.

  • CE/MID approved
  • Available with impulse output, also for LoRa network
  • Wireless or fixed network M-BUS module as an option

Hot water meters also available.

Certified mounting positions

Certified mounting positions

SizeSizeModelLenght L (mm)Permanent flow rate Q3Product code
DN502"cold water20040 m³WDE-050
DN502"warm water20040 m³WDE-VV-050
DN652 1/2"cold water20063 m³WDE-065
DN652 1/2"warm water20063 m³WDE-VV-065
DN803"cold water225100 m³WDE-080
DN803"warm water225100 m³WDE-VV-080
DN1004"cold water250160 m³WDE-100
DN1004"warm water250160 m³WDE-VV-100
DN1255"cold water250160 m³WDE-125
DN1255"warm water250160 m³WDE-VV-125
DN1506"cold water300250 m³WDE-150
DN1506"warm water300250 m³WDE-VV-150
DN2008"cold water300400 m³WDE-200
DN2008"warm water300400 m³WDE-VV-200
PL4Pulsmodul för WDE-K50-mätare
TX4Wireless M-BUS-module WDE-K50
LR4Module for LoRa-WAN-network