Water meter connector pair

Water meter connector pair with rubber gaskets, brass. The connector pair includes 2 connector tails (nominal size), 2 connector nuts (one nominal size larger) and 2 rubber gaskets. A complete set for installing one water meter.

SizeInchMaterialProductProduct code
DN15½”brass(1/2"uk x 3/4"nut)RAC15
DN20¾”brass(3/4"uk x 1"nut)RAC20
DN251”brass(1"uk x 1 1/4"nut)RAC25
DN321¼”brass(1 1/4"uk x 1 1/2"nut)RAC32
DN401½”brass(1 1/2"uk x 2"nut)RAC40
DN502”brass(2"uk x 2 1/2"nut)RAC50